Daddy's Cow
True stories the porn tales of ordinary people.
The little girl of yesteryear has become an adult, and the difficulties begin... The most beautiful job in the world: An entrepreneur fed up with the usual tranche replaces a plumber to check if the widespread rumours about the intense sex life of this category are true... The customer, however, has special tastes and the experience will not be as simple as he had anticipated ...
But does Dad send you alone?: A widowed father with a daughter a little too uninhibited turns to a psychologist to find a solution. In fact, the girl tries to replace her mother in her parent's sexual life. The psychologist will solve the case, going well beyond the limits of professional ethics... Visit With Surprise: The gynaecologist cannot understand the origin of the disorders, but by visiting the patient he will find more than one cause for the pains that so troubled her. Once the problem has been removed, however, the vacuum seems unbridgeable, and the doctor... Italian production
Duration: 76 minutes
Format: SD Video
Language: Italiano
Manufacturer: Moonlight Video