The dream of Elenoire, who lives in Milan in an apartment with three other guys, Mario, Laura and Francesca, is to become a fashion designer. In the meantime she works as an intern and is engaged with Mario, a young scion of a good family from Milan. One day she is asked to take part in a competition at an important fashion house, La Key-Ki Jeans, which she happily wins...! Now Elenoire is a true manager, office in central London, apartment on the French Riviera, luxury cars and all the men she wants. The world of the fashion is difficult, and unfortunately the first problems come soon, she has probbly neglected the work to have sex, at any time, with men and women. But thanks to her strength of mind and a dose of unscrupulousness, in a short time she will solve them all, creating their own successful brand worldwide "Elenoire Lapelle". The
best italian production! Italian production. This film is offered by Topline Video -IN EXCLUSIVE- for 69stream and the websites linked to the network.
Duration: 105 minutes
Format: SD Video
Language: Italiano
Manufacturer: Topline