Roberto Salviati, is a wealthy Milanese industrialist. Her daughter escaped home and in the company of shaky friends, she reached Bombay in search of inner peace and spiritual balance that only in that country can be found. Saved after so many failed attempts to find it again, contact Fausto Pratesi, a reporter specializing in foreign affairs. Fausto leaves for India and contacts a reporter and her ex-lover to have news about it. She explains that in the streets of Bombay there is a nice butt that recruits girls to introduce them to the international space market and it seems that Ilaria has fallen into this shabby lap. An exciting film with multiple scenes, intense and highly sought-after sex, wonderful locations and the first appearance in a beautiful and explosive Monica Maserati movie!
Duration: 106 minutes
Format: SD Video
Language: Italiano
Manufacturer: Geo Media