My intimate stories
Victoria, an elderly woman, while putting some old things in the attic, finds the diary of when she was young. Surprise begins to flick through the pages reminding her of many memories. We see her as a university student while confiding in a friend. She is in love with John, one of her classmates. The friend encourages her to declare herself. The occasion presents itself in a bar, when they finally manage to talk to each other. Their love story will continue until Victoria is forced to move to another city. The two swear eternal love. Victoria continues to read the pages of the diary. In the new city Victoria has found a job. She discovers that she has a thing for Mike, a colleague of hers. One day Mike invites her to her house. Victoria knocks on the door but nobody answers, enters the house, hears noises in the bedroom. She peeks through the door and sees him with a girl. SHe bursts into tears. Once she returns home, she cries desperately in her bed, when she sees John, her old love, enters. It was his friend who tracked him down. The two embrace each other. Victoria closes the diary smilingly: John, who is also very old, approaches her and kisses her on her forehead. After so many years they still love each other as the first day.
Duration: 104 minutes
Format: SD Video
Language: Italiano
Manufacturer: Topline